Primrose Path Experimento
Atila de Triangle C X Prima de Plebeyo Pi

As a Paso Fino breeder, it is the thing we all dream of: you have a great mare and you breed her to a great stallion, and if you are very blessed, the resulting offspring will be one of the few, the proud, the fino. 
Dare we dream a little more that our contender will be one of the greats and make his place in history winning the Fino Colts class at Nationals? 
We all say that would be amazing, knowing the odds of it happening.  And then we figure since we are dreaming for crazy things, what if our colt could do it in Open and Amateur, and even take a Grand National Fino Championship. 

 We stop ourselves from dreaming any further, realizing all it would take for one horse to be so complete. 

At Primrose Path Farm, we didn't realize our dream was about to become reality the day Experimento was born.  And we have to keep pinching ourselves because this amazing stallion has fulfilled more than we ever dared to hope for!

2003 National Champion Fino 4yo Colt
2003 4th Grand National Champion Fino Colt/Stallion
2004 Grand National Champion Fino A/O Colt/Stallion
2005 National Champion Fino A/O Stallion 2005 Grand National Champion Fino A/O Colt/Stallion
2005 5th National Champion Fino Stallion 2005 4th Grand National Champion Fino Colt/Stallion

To our knowledge, he is the only Fino Stallion to place in the A/O and Open Fino Grand National Championship Class in the same year!!

He defines the nobility and majesty of the Paso Fino horse:  beauty, elegance, willing spirit, manageable brios, talent and heart.  From the moment he entered our lives, he was special.  In the hands of trainer, Sheri Tenney, Experimento has blossomed naturally and gets better each year. 

His first foals are on the ground an have his natural gait, quickness and wonderful disposition. 

Experimento is available for the 2007 breeding season:  $2000 LFG A/I available

** There will be a special stud fee on Experimento until June 1, 2007 of $1500 and $100 of every breeding sold will be donated to the Jo Moore Scholarship Fund in the mare owner's name

Contact Primrose Path Farm or trainer, Sheri Tenney (636) 463-PASO for breeding information.  Click here to see Experimento's Paso Fino Horse World ad.