When we started this little adventure known as Primrose Path Farm in 1994, we had no idea where we would be in 12 years.  We started with a couple of pleasure mares, did a few shows, had a couple of foals and decided that this was fun.  So when Bud Hirsch called in the spring of 1998 and offered us Prima de Plebeyo Piña, we jumped at the chance to own a mare of this caliber.  We had admired Prima for a couple of years at Bud’s place and knew she was a proven show horse as well as an excellent producer.

Prima was Jo’s first A/O Fino horse and in 1998 the pair won 3rd in Fino A/O Mares plus 4th in the A/O Championship when mares and stallions still compted together in the Championships.  Prima had power and presence as a fino mare and Jo was hooked on that style of Classic Fino. 

Along the way, we acquired Habanero de Sol Reye (Guarani & Indiana de J dos C)  1994 bay Gelding.  It was a long time coming, but Habanero finally proved what we knew all along…he is the perfect picture of a pleasure horse! Habanero is the 2002 National and Reserve Grand National Champion Pleasure A/O and Open Gelding.   Consistent multi-regional Pleasure Champion, Habanero has always been dear to our hearts and is now enjoying his time off by taking care of the girls  in the maternity ward.

We wanted to breed Prima to the one of the top stallions at that time, Simbolo de Besilu.  After a couple of missed attempts, we chose to breed her to Atila de Triangle C, who was at our farm at that time.  As fate would have it, she got bred and that resulting foal was Primrose Path Experimento.  During Experimento’s 4 year old year, we realized that Jo would once again have a competitive A/O Fino horse.

In 2005, Jo and Experimento won both the Fino A/O Stallions and the Fino A/O Stallions and Colts Championship at the Nationals.  Both of these wins were by unanimous decision from the judges.  This was the second year in a row that Experimento was the Grand National Champion Fino A/O Stallion.  In addition, he placed 5th in the highly competitive Fino Stallions class and was 4th Grand National Champion in the Fino Stallions Championship with trainer, Sheri Tenney.  We couldn't be more thrilled with our home-bred boy!

At Primrose Path Farm, we realize how blessed we have been.  We have been entrusted with the right horses, guided by the right mentors and partnered with the right trainers!  Our accomplishments speak for themselves and we are proud to offer our insight and guidance to other Amateur Owners who wish to learn more about the Paso Fino Breed.  Contact us with any questions and we will do our best to put you on your own Primrose Path!